Medical Alert Support

Medical Alert Support

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My Device

How do I power my unit ON?

To power the unit ON, place the unit in the charging base, or press the button in the center of your device.

Do I need to charge my system?

Yes. Please charge your system daily by placing it in the charging base.

How long does my battery last?

Depending on usage, the battery will last up to approximately 24 hours.

How do I test my unit?

Simply call our auto testing line at 1-800-332-8570 and follow the prompts.

What do the status lights mean?


Does my unit come with a volume control?

No, this unit does not have a volume control.

Will my unit still work if I change my phone service provider?

Yes. Your phone service provider will not affect your service.

Is my device water resistant?

Yes. The device can be worn when showering or bathing, but should not be worn in a chlorinated pool.

Can I speak directly into my device?

Yes, your device has a two-way speaker for communication.

Can I replace the cord for my neck pendant?

We recommend that you use the provided breakaway lanyard that comes with your Medical Alert system.