Medical Alert Support

Medical Alert Support

Help at the Push of a Button!


Emergency Response

What happens when I press my button and I am unable to communicate?

If you are unable to communicate with the response team, the operator will attempt to contact you on the phone number registered to your account. If there is no answer on that phone, emergency help will be dispatched to your GPS determined location.

How Do I Cancel A False Alarm?

Wait until an operator comes on the line and let them know everything is okay.

Can the Operator Verify My Current Location?

If requested during testing, the operator can verify your location by accessing your GPS.

What happens when I press my button?

There will be a brief silence, then your device will announce “dialing the emergency response center now”. You will then hear a ring before the operator comes on to speak to you over the speaker.

Do you cover the cost associated with dispatching?

No. Emergency services are provided by your local EMS and costs are determined by them.