Medical Alert Support

Medical Alert Support

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Top Topics for MobileElite

How do I set up my MobileElite system?

Mouse over the numbered icons for setup instructions

  1. Insert the small end of the Power Cord into the back of the Charger Cradle.
  2. Plug the large end into a wall outlet not controlled by a switch. The Cradle Power Light will illuminate GREEN.
  3. Place your MobileElite in the Charger Cradle. The Power Light and Signal Indicator Light will flash and your device will announce, “Your device is now charging.”

How do I activate my replacement or additional neck or wrist button?

When you receive your new button, make sure you are near the device. Then press your new button to activate and test it.

What happens when I press my button?

There will be a brief silence, then your device will announce “dialing the emergency response center now”. You will then hear a ring before the operator comes on to speak to you over the speaker.

How Do I Test My Unit?

Simply call our auto testing line at 1-800-332-8570 and follow the prompts.

What do the status lights mean?

Refer to your manual under light chart for detailed information.