Medical Alert Support

Medical Alert Support

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Base Unit

How do I quickly set up my unit if I have a landline?

Mouse over the numbered icons for setup instructions

  1. Plug power cube into outlet not powered by a light switch
  2. Using telephone cord already plugged into base unit, plug the smaller end into the phone jack on your wall
  3. Plug your phone cord from the phone into the jack marked PHONE on the base unit

Do I need to charge my system?

No. Your base unit receives its power from the electrical outlet.

How do I power my unit ON/OFF?

Powering ON – Your base unit does not have an ON/OFF switch. It will automatically turn on when first plugged into an electrical outlet.

Powering OFF – Press the T/L button on the back of the unit three times. Then, press and hold the Help button on the front of the base unit until the light goes out.

How long does my battery last?

Your base unit’s backup battery will last up to approximately 36 hours.

How do I test my unit?

Simply call our auto testing line at 1-800-332-8570 and follow the prompts.

What do the status lights mean?

A single STATUS light is located on the lower left corner, next to the HELP button on the base unit. The word STATUS is printed on the HELP button.

The STATUS light will display the following light signals when in NORMAL OPERATING mode:

  • Steady Green: Normal operation.
  • Steady Red: The medical alarm unit has been activated by an alarm signal and is calling the response center.
  • Blinking Green: The unit is not receiving power from the electrical outlet and is running on the backup battery.
    o Make sure your unit is securely plugged in.
    o Make sure your outlet has electrical power (and is not controlled by a light switch that is in the off position).
  • Blinking Red: The unit is not connected to an operating telephone line or jack.
  • Blinking Orange: The unit is not receiving power from the electrical outlet and is running on the backup battery and the unit is not connected to a working telephone line.

When in RANGE TEST mode, the STATUS light will:

  • Display a red light when it is not receiving a signal from the transmitter button
  • Display a green light when it is receiving a signal from the transmitter button.

Will my base unit still work if I change my phone service provider?

Please call our Customer Care Department at 1-800-906-0872 prior to changing phone service for more information and to update your account.